Chihee Hammock Chair Hanging Swing 2 Seat Cushions Included,Strong Webbing Straps and Hooks for Easy Hanging Soft Cotton Weave Hanging Chair Side Pocket Large Tassel Chair Set Comfort Indoor Outdoor


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  • Most Relaxing and Comfortable.Hanging chairs are the trend of the moment!If you look around you’ll see them springing up more and more often.Which makes perfect sense as a hanging chair allows you to sit like a king and brings you almost immediately into zen mode.The great thing about the hanging chair is that it combines the relaxation of a hammock with the slightly more active posture of sitting in a chair. This makes the hanging chair ideal for sipping a drink or reading a book.
  • Compact and Portable.Besides great in your own back yardliving roombedroomthe hammock chairs are the new ideas for outdoor relaxation.Come with a drawstring bagenabling you take it anywhere.Packs to the size 40 x 25 cm(15.8 x 10 inches)weighs only 2.1kg/4.63 lbs(Includes 2 cushions 2 durable Iron carabiners and 2 tree friendly straps).Perfect for camping backpacking travel general exploration.
  • Extra Bonuses & Additions.There’s a great 10” x 8” inch pocket on the inside providing the perfect space for your bookTV remote glasses or your chocolate stash.The large 2 cushions17.7” x 17.7” will give you extra support.The chair is enhanced by the beautiful macrame trimlooks amazing.A drawstring bag to store and portable.It is easy to set up.This is the best hanging chair for bedrooms and outdoors.
  • Key Guide:Fit anywhere there is a single strong branch or sturdy beam!Keep the 2 hanging rings horizontal.The most suitable distance between the 2 rings is 1 meter/3.28 ftto guarantee maximum comfort.The best height is at least 30 to 40 centimetres (11.8 to 15.7 inches)off the ground.Not loweras the fabric stretches slightly when you sit in.Not much higher either.The best position is your legs can reach the floor when you stretch them slightly.Like digging your heels into sand at the beach.
  • After-Sales Service:Package including:1 x cotton hammock chair2 x cushions2 x adjustable straps2 x snap hooks1 x drawstring bag.Our aim is to provide high-quality products for everyone but sometimes there are situations that we don’t expect to happen.If there are any problemscontact us in timewe will definitely provide targeted help as soon as possible.
  • Enable productive while relaxing.Sometimes we need to get things done while relaxing.Imagine you’re supposed to study for your finals.You sit down to study but you cannot get comfort.Then you try lying down but notice that this doesn’t work either.A hammock chair could solve this problem. Hanging chairs are designed to allow you to do more than you could in a hammock:surf the internet read a bookwrite something down and do other things while being in the most relaxing position possible.
  • Perfect gift idea.Are you still worrying that the gifts you prepare not creative enough?Own this wonderful artifact and share it with someone you care about.This boho hammock chair can truly make an enormous difference.Give it to him or her on birthdays anniversariesholidays housewarming or maybe just to yourself!Everyone can use it and get happiness from it.